Webzones pricing and purchase

Purchase 'webzone' credits for your account here.

Webzones are credits for dns services, mail forwarding, failover tests, and other services. Each webzone credit can be used to activate one of these services and all credit packs last 1 calendar year from date of purchase. If you want to run dns for 10 domains, you need a 10 pack. Some additional functionality may cost more than 1 credit.




Price in USD $

Single BUY NOW $15.05/yr
10 pack BUY NOW / just 6.27 per domain $62.70/yr
25 pack BUY NOW / just 5.02 per domain $125.40/yr
50 pack BUY NOW / just 4.01 per domain $200.64/yr
100 pack BUY NOW / just 3.76 per domain $376.20/yr
250 pack BUY NOW / just 3.01 per domain $752.40/yr
500 pack BUY NOW / just 2.88 per domain $1,442.10/yr
1000 pack BUY NOW / just 1.88 per domain $1,881.00/yr
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All webzone orders are provisioned immediately - You can start configuring your dns right away.

Webhosts / developers - contact us about our integration API.

UPGRADING - If you want to expand the number of webzones you have, simply purchase more. The new purchase will be added to your existing account. If you would like to consolidate several smaller packs into one larger one for a cost saving, please contact sales.

The prices shown above are for levels of usage that will be considered normal by our technical staff. Should you expect a very large amount of traffic you should ask us for a custom quote as additional charges may apply to zones that require unusually high volumes of queries to be answered. For very high volume cirtical domains, consider our enterprise services. For any quantities of webzones greater than shown above, please contact our sales department for a custom quote.

For assistance or advice, please contact us.