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Ping Utility
Domain Name or IP
Number of Ping Packets to Send
DNS Lookup Utility (including zone transfer)

Host address

Server to query
Test if common ports are open (SMTP, POP3, HTTP(s), DNS)
Host to check
Check status of name server with NSI (com/net/org only. Domain must be held here and unlocked - must be logged in)
Name server
WHOIS lookup
Domain name www.
Register a name server (domain must be held here and unlocked - must be logged in)
Host name
EMail test - Checks MX records and mail servers
your email address
Open relay test
Mail server name or ip
IP Geolocation
IP to check
SPAM - Check to see if an IP address is on any common blacklists
IP address to check
EMail virus filter test - Sends the harmless eicar text string
your email address
Test domain SPF record
Domain name
DNS Server IP
Sending IP
Global DNS Propagation check - Checks public dns servers to see if your dns change has propagated (A records only)
Host name
DNS query estimator - guesses an approximate level of dns queries for your domain name.
Domain name www.
Unique daily page views
Number of email accounts
Get web server headers
Host name
Follow redirect


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Some other useful utilities

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